Nick's Latest Recipes:

One of our new appetizers is "Lazy Magnolia Shrimp 'n pepper jack grits". Had a request for our grits; so here you go!

Pepper Jack Cheese Grits

(a la d'Angelo)

Quaker Grits ... 3/4 Cup

Water ... 2 Cups

Heavy Cream ... 1 Cup

Butter ... 1 tsp

Pepper Jack ... 2 oz.

Salt & White Pepper

Bring water and cream to a light simmer and add grits; whisk to make sure they don't clump up. Allow to cook for about 5 minuter & add butter & cheese and whisk until smooth.  Add salt & pepper to taste.  Enjoy with all kind of things...or just in a bowl!!  :~)



New Orlean's Jamabalaya

with Shrimp

2 TBL       Vegetable Oil

4 QTS        Diced Onions

3 QTS        Diced Celery

3 QTS        Diced Bell Pepper

3 TBL        Smashed Garlic

3 TBL        Creole Spice

1 TBL        Oregano

1 TBL        Black Pepper


3 LBS        Sliced Smoked Pork Sausage

4 QTS        Rice

1 #10         Can Chopped Tomato

8 QTS        Shrimp Stock

1/4 Cup      Crystal Hot Sauce

1/4 Cup      Worcestershire Sauce

5 LBS         26 Count Shrimp

                  Shaved Green Onion

  • In a Large Pot Saute Vegetables and Seasoning.
  • Add Sausage and Render
  • Add Rice and work with Spoon.
  • Add Tomato, Shrimp Stock, Crystal, and Worcestershire
  • Cover and let Steam at Low Heat
  • Add Shrimp and Green Onions for service.               



Alice's Famous  Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs
6 Large Eggs, hard boiled

4 Slices Bacon, cooked & diced

1 1/2 TBS Sweet Onion, grated

1/2 tsp Dry Mustard

2 TBS (rounded) Mayonnaise

1/2 tsp Beau Monde Seasoning

White Pepper & Salt To Taste

Garnish with Paprika

Slice boiled eggs lengthwise & remove all the yolks to a mixing bowl.  Place egg whites to the side and crush the yellows in bowl.  Mix with above ingredients 'til well incorporated & not lumpy.  Check the consistency while adding the mayo...  you may add or take away based on your preference.   After mixing well, spoon back into egg whites and garnish each with a pinch of Paprika.  Special note:  You may sub chives for sweet onions for extra color.


    With the first warm snap of spring, we always get ready for the first crop of sweet Vidalia onions for our "world famous" relish.  'Goes great with pulled pork, fried fish or on just a plain old saltine cracker...

                                                         3         Vidalia Onions

                                                       1/4 C.    Vinegar

                                                       1/2 C.    Sugar

                                                         1 C.      Water

Slice your onions ultra thin & soak overnight in the vinegar/water/sugar mixture.  Then remove

& drain well.  Combine the onion slices with ...

                                                 1/4 to 1/2 C.  Mayonnaise

                                                 Celery Salt to taste

Mix well & put in an air-tight container.  This will keep for about a week in the refrigerator & will soon become a summertime staple, we assure you! 




     Sunday night is always "steak night" at our house...that is until lately.  Nick has gotten interested in trying different pulled pork recipes & has stumbled upon one that has become our favorite.  See what you think.


1 BONE IN PORK ROAST (6 to 8 lb Boston Butt)

3/4 C DRY RUB (use your favorite or the recipe to follow)

1.  Massage the dry rub into the meat & double wrap it in plastic wrap & refrigerate for at    least 3 hours.  We like to hold it overnight & for a stronger flavor up to 3 days.

2.  Remove from refrigerator, unwrap & let come to room temp.

3.  Place in oven that's been pre-heated to 275 degrees & bake, unwrapped, at this temp for 3 hours.

4.  Remove & wrap the roast in foil, kick up the oven temp to 325 & cook an additional 3 hours.

5.  Remove from oven & let it rest for an hour before unwrapping, let it cool until you can touch it, pull the pork away & serve w/ you favorite sauce.  (We like it just like it is!)

                                                         DRY RUB

                                               4 T.  SWEET PAPRIKA                                             

                                               2 T.  CHILI POWDER

                                               2 T.  GROUND CUMIN

                                               2 T.  DARK BROWN SUGAR                      

                                               2 T.  SALT

                                                1 T.  DRIED OREGANO

                                                1 T.  SUGAR

                                                1 T.  BLACK PEPPER

                                                1 T.  WHITE PEPPER

                                              1-2 t.  CAYENNE

                                                1 T.  ONION POWDER

                                                1 T.  GARLIC POWDER

Mix all together.  Will keep for 3 weeks.

Give this a try & let us know what you think! 



Yummy  :-)